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the Canadian Adventure of the 4 Grenier

We are in Canada since July 2012.

Wide Wild Space

All You Can Breath

A matter of 'Skylining'

Bridge between Heaven and Earth

Chocolate River

Yum-Yum, that color, this light

Make some Noise

so Proud to have Landed there

Cosmopolitan Life

Toronto, our Big City

Fundy Bay

A Wonderful place, Great souvenirs

ô Atlantic Canada!

Where everything started

From Lewisville to Harrisville


As the weather is still warm, we decided to go for a walk this friday afternoon and discovered a trail within the city of Moncton between Lewisville Rd and Harrisville Rd along the river. We still discovered some beaver dams but we were unable to see the animals. We encountered a couple of small snakes but the most epic of our walk had been the view of our first alive porcupine . We had seen a lot those animals before, always smashed on the roads and were happy to see one climbing its tree. Nice trail indeed. 




Neighborhood watch
Francophone mais pas français

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