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the Canadian Adventure of the 4 Grenier

We are in Canada since July 2012.

Wide Wild Space

All You Can Breath

A matter of 'Skylining'

Bridge between Heaven and Earth

Chocolate River

Yum-Yum, that color, this light

Make some Noise

so Proud to have Landed there

Cosmopolitan Life

Toronto, our Big City

Fundy Bay

A Wonderful place, Great souvenirs

ô Atlantic Canada!

Where everything started

Bienvenue, Welcome!

...Les4Grenier au Canada / The4Greniers in Canada...

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William Lyon Mackenzie King
Dernières Nouvelles d'Iqaluit
A table!
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Emmanuel Grenier was born in France. After almost 20 years lived in the middle of France, he spent 20 more years in Paris then with his wife Marina, they decided to leave the old Europe behind to start a new adventure in Canada.

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